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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

Jun 19, 2020

New School Supply Chain Basics with the Supply Chain Queen, Sheri Hinish

Sheri Hinish and Joe Lynch discuss new school supply chain basics. As a supply chain thought leader and change agent, Sheri is leading the way toward sustainable supply chains, new paradigms, strategy, and leadership.

About Sheri Hinish

Sheri Hinish is The Supply Chain Queen and she is on a mission to change the world through sustainable supply chains, evangelizing The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and building technology grounded in the principles of sustainable development. She helps executives and their teams explore new school supply chain, digital readiness, sustainability, innovation, design thinking, and connected value networks. Sheri earned a BS (Maryland) and an MS (Rutgers) in Supply Chain Management. Sheri is currently a Master of Arts Candidate, Sustainability at Harvard.

The Supply Chain Queen

In her work as the Supply Chain Queen, Sheri has made a career simplifying the complex, rethinking supply chain strategy and customer experience, the way we design, connect, and influence each other. Sheri helps executives and their teams reimagine their approach by 1) leveraging new ways of thinking about supply chain, sustainable development, and corporate sustainability in the world we share. 2) helping leaders design, guide, & inspire organizations through complex transformations, bridging workforce generations. 3) using next-generation leading practice to develop the right technology, supply chain, and solution strategy for ecosystem orchestration and stewardship.

Key Takeaways – New School Supply Chain Basics

The new school supply chain basics (below) that Sheri described on the podcast also appear on the Supply Chain Revolution website.

  • New School Supply Chain. The “we’ve always done it this way” operating model is over. Supply chain has never had a bigger seat at the table. Advances in supply chain technology, data science, corporate social responsibility create opportunities like no other decade in our existence to building a new global economy that is circular. This requires a “new school” shift that puts the customer experience, supply chains with purpose, and leadership front and center.
  • Corporate Sustainability. Corporate Sustainability isn't philanthropy. We help companies understand supply chains are a conduit for social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and the win-win of ' doing well and doing good" to transform the world we share.
  • Circular Economy & Circular Thinking. We are leaving value on the table and take-make-waste, or linear economy is costing our planet and our supply chains billions in value leakage annually. The Supply Chain Revolution embraces circularity, making fiscal sense of shifting toward regenerative, restorative processes and designing for zero waste in end-to-end supply chain orchestration.
  • Sustainable Development & the SDGs. This is the decade of action. Propelled by purpose, new school leaders understand the inter-connectivity of industrial, technological, environmental, and human systems. Sustainable Development and Supply Chains are a conduit to realizing many of the SDGs by 2030.
  • Diversity & Inclusion. The way we lead, hire, think, design, connect, share in communities of practice is shifting. New diversity includes challenging paradigms for inclusion by transforming culture, developing multi-disciplinary teams, and encouraging diversity, divergence, and radical collaboration.
  • Leading & Influencing Change. The ability to lead in Supply Chain 5.0, digitalization, the future of work, and transition toward sustainable, circular models requires new-school leadership. Themes include headspace, modus operandi, stewardship, and understanding new impacts in transformation and beyond.

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