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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

May 28, 2019

[00:21] Opening / Introduction

[00:41] Tell us about your company.

  • I run a marketing firm called Email for Experts. We help consulting and professional service firms create clients using email marketing.
  • I graduated from the University of Maryland in 2010. I worked in engineering for about six years before moving...

May 27, 2019

[00:21] Opening / Introduction

[00:57] Tell us a little bit about what you’re up to.

  • I spend all of my time in supply chain and logistics software, focusing on the lower-middle market.

[01:54] What will the 3PL industry look like in 2025?

  • There is a slow, creeping evolution of technology as CRM systems get better...

May 15, 2019

The Only 3 Ways to Improve Your Sales with Steve Elwell

Steve Elwell and Joe Lynch discuss the only 3 ways to improve your sales.

[00:22] A few weeks ago, I had Steve on the podcast to discuss the buying process. In that interview, Steve said something like “there are only 3 ways to improve sales” which I found...