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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

Jan 31, 2022

Cold Chain Basics with Andy Bahr

Andy Bahr and Joe Lynch discuss cold chain basics. Andy is the Founder and CEO of Bahr Transportation, a FTL brokerage, focused primarily on serving the food & beverage industry, in the USA & Canada. 

About Andy Bahr

Andy Bahr is the Founder and President of Bahr Transportation, a FTL...

Jan 28, 2022

Beyond Cost Per Load with Felipe Capella

Felipe Capella and Joe Lynch discuss beyond cost per load. Felipe believes that while cost per load will continue to be important, savvy shippers will look for 3PLs who use technology and people to bring additional value to the shipping function.

About Felipe Capella

Jan 26, 2022

The Metafora Story with Peter Rentschler

Peter Rentschler and Joe Lynch discuss the Metafora story. Peter is CEO of Metafora, a management consulting and technology delivery firm focused on transportation, logistics, and supply chain.

About Peter Rentschler

Peter Rentschler is the CEO of Metafora, an...

Jan 24, 2022

The FlavorCloud Story with Rathna Sharad

Rathna Sharad and Joe Lynch discuss the FlavorCloud story. Rathna is the founder and CEO of FlavorCloud, an end-to-end cross-border logistics platform for direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, ecommerce retailers, and marketplaces.

About Rathna Sharad

Rathna Sharad, founder and CEO of...

Jan 21, 2022

Winning on LinkedIn with Judi Hays

Judi Hays and Joe Lynch discuss winning on LinkedIn. Judi is a LinkedIn strategist who helps busy executives increase online visibility using a proven strategy that converts connections into targeted buyers.

About Judi Hays

Judi Hays is a sought-after LinkedIn expert who helps busy...