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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

Jun 22, 2022

Robert Goss and Joe Lynch discuss Yet Another Tech Company. Robert is is Co-Founder and CEO at YAT which stands for “Yet Another Technology” Company, a cutting-edge Logistics Augmentation Engine.

About Robert Goss 

Robert Goss is Co-Founder and CEO at YAT since its founding in 2020. Prior to YAT, he spent a short time building healthcare data solutions at Waystar. His logistics industry background was rooted in the Data Science team at YRC Worldwide, now Yellow, working on various data focused projects including sales focused analytics and a machine learning driven single view of customer platform. A graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, he has a bachelor’s degree in finance.

About YAT

YAT (Yet Another Tech Company) is not just a clever name; it’s a cutting-edge Logistics Augmentation Engine. The platform empowers brokers with pricing and capacity management tools, each driven by algorithms based on a dual market approach that reduces the fragmentation and anxiety in a broker’s world and tech stack. With a focus on helping brokers simultaneously grow both margin and revenue, YAT's holistic approach provides brokerage leadership the technology tools needed to execute data driven strategies for their niche and customer base.

Key Takeaways: Yet Another Tech Company

  • YAT enables brokers to grow their business that fits their carrier network.
  • YAT allows your company’s sales team to operate like seasoned veterans by providing them with the following:
    • Advanced quoting algorithm provides pricing for full, partial and multi-stop loads across all equipment types
    • Simple UI with extensive insight for advanced users
    • Customer segmentation automates margin management by account and equipment type
    • Exception management and flagging system centralizes and disseminates tribal knowledge in real time
    • Data cleaning and validation ensures historical rate integrity
  • YAT empowers employees to continuously improve their productivity by enabling them to become more efficient, more informed and more confident.
  • Brokers leverage YAT Augmented Logistics technology to provide a single source of truth, remove efficiency barriers, reclaim Sales & Ops manager time, gain visibility into carrier & customer interactions and surface crucial insights in every-day workflows.

Learn More About Yet Another Tech Company

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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast