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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

Jun 30, 2023

Mark Harris and Joe Lynch discuss the rise of exosuits. Mark is the CEO of HeroWear, a wearable technology company focused on developing assistive clothing solutions.

About Mark Harris

Mark is a driven, serial entrepreneur with an innovator’s mindset. At HeroWear, Mark leads a team of amazing engineers,...

Jun 28, 2023

Mark Lavelle and Joe Lynch discuss an alternative to UPS and FedEx. Mark is the Chief Executive Officer at Maergo, a first-of-its-kind parcel delivery platform, purpose-built for branded direct-to-consumer delivery using modern technology and advanced data capabilities.

About Mark Lavelle

Mark Lavelle is the Chief...

Jun 26, 2023

Desmond (Dez) Clark and Joe Lynch discuss winning at football and freight, which is exactly what Dez is up to. Dez is the President of Bear Down Logistics, an asset-based transportation company based in Orlando, Florida. Dez played in the NFL for 12 years, 8 years with the Chicago Bears - hence the company name.


Jun 23, 2023

Dr. Yossi Sheffi and Joe Lynch discuss AI and the future of supply chain, which is the central theme of Yossi’s latest book, The Magic Conveyor Belt: Supply Chains, A.I., and the Future of Work. Yossi is the Elisha Gray II professor of Engineering Systems at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where...

Jun 21, 2023


Lionel van der Walt and Joe Lynch discuss revolutionizing freight forwarding using tech, which is exactly what Raft does. Lionel is the Chief Growth Officer of Raft, an intelligent logistics platform that automates AP invoices, customs, shipping documents, and pre-alert workflows significantly reducing manual work...