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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

Jun 5, 2021

The Psychology of Logistics Sales with Dan Deigan

Dan Deigan and Joe Lynch talk about the psychology of logistics sales. Dan is the founder High-Performance Logistics Sales a company that helps sales reps increase their sales.

About Dan Deigan

Dan Deigan is the found of  High-Performance Logistics Sales. "Just make more calls" That was the training Dan started his career with. He used this training for years until he found he was dealing with more stress, anxiety, and pressure than ever. That's when he started looking for ways to hack the sales process, simplify the sales sequence, and create a framework that would serve his business and personal life in healthy and energetic ways. After fifteen years of piecing one strategy with another, Dan finally found the formula. Since then, Dan has helped hundreds of sales reps re-engage with their careers, ignite their internal fire (that's been put out), and streamlined learning to help his community grow their business at lightning speed.

About High-Performance Logistics Sales

The core of High-Performance Logistics Sales is the six inches between your ears. Many sales reps believe there is a silver bullet, and wealth beyond their wildest imaginations will come...The truth is, this career is not a "walk in the park"; there is unimaginable responsibility that comes with helping corporations achieve their mandates and departmental goals. As a professional sales rep in one of the world's largest industries that touches EVERY single part of life, it's our responsibility to be at the top of our game, and that's where High-Performance Logistics Sales was born. HPLS and Dan Deigan's mission is to help 10,000 sales reps hit the Two-Comma Club and make over $1,000,000 in less than 12-months by serving at the highest levels and realizing it's not sales as we know-it that helps us reach the top 2% of our industry... It's all about the sequence!

Key Takeaways: The Psychology of Logistics Sales

    • Dan Deigan helps logistics sales professionals increase their sales.
    • In the podcast interview, Dan shared three strategies for the psychology of logistics sales:
    • Strategy 1: Technical knowledge is mandatory, but not enough to be successful in sales. Sales professionals need to recognize that buyers (shippers) often buy for irrational reasons that they might not share. Understanding the shipper’s buying behavior is key.
    • Strategy 2: The salesperson needs to be aware of the 3 phases of the relationship: curiosity, enlightenment, and commitment so they can support the customer with the right information. A related concept is the know, like, trust spectrum. Customers are more likely to buy from people, they know, like, and trust.
    • Strategy 3: Always make the customer the hero. It is important for the salesperson to help the buyer be seen as successful within their company. The person buying logistics has a career and they would like to get credit for the logistics success that you helped them achieve.

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