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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

Sep 24, 2019

[00:43] Please introduce yourself and your company.

  • I am based in Jacksonville, Florida and the owner of Digital Dispatch.
  • We help companies with their web and marketing problems.
  • About ten years ago, I started working with a 3PL in Jacksonville. When my boss found out I was blogging on the side, he asked me to start doing it for the company too.
  • I eventually got my own radio show. A lot of people make that natural evolution from content writing into radio.

[07:18] Tell us a little bit about inbound lead generation.

  • They key differentiator of inbound is that you’re creating content with your audience in mind first.
  • A lot of what you see on the internet and in this industry is very self-promotional. People aren’t searching for that. They’re searching for solutions to their problem.
  • Inbound is trying to introduce yourself and establish trust with the customer so that you can be the solution when they’re ready to buy.

[10:51] Contrast inbound with outbound.

  • Outbound is like interrupting someone’s personal space.
  • We have all gotten emails that we know have been sent out to thousands of people. It’s not personalized at all.
  • There are ways to make a cold outreach feel more personal, but it takes more time and that’s where a lot of companies struggle.

[15:34] Tell us about some new ways that we can use to get inbound leads.

  • Video and podcasting, but they are also the most intimidating.
  • Often, people hate seeing themselves on video or hearing their own voice. They let their fear paralyze them when it comes to sharing their expertise.
  • As long as you’re sharing valuable content, you’re heading in the right direction.

[18:43] You have to get past fears if you want to be found as an expert online.

  • Especially people who are first starting out. You’re not going to be an expert right away. Your first show will probably suck.
  • You’re never going to get better if you don’t do it again and again and again.
  • Keep thinking about it as having a conversation, and the intimidation factor will lessen a little bit.

[23:07] Tell us about what a podcast should focus on.

  • I think having a good balance of different categories you’re going to cover is key to any content plan.
  • There are different ways to approach your planning, and it doesn’t have to revolve around one specific type of content. However, I do think it needs to start with SEO.
  • A lot of people get stuck on just one particular type and roll with it. It gets boring after a while, and it shows in your work if you lose that passion.

[28:38] Even for business podcasts, the personality needs to come out. There needs to be some context and humanity.

  • Competitors may read a press release, but no one else will go to a website just to read a press release.
  • Video is great, but podcasting is the least intrusive. It doesn’t interrupt the audience, because they can go about their day with a podcast on in the background.

[30:49] Please summarize this topic for us.

  • At Digital Dispatch, we focus on everything from cost effective solutions to completely custom web and marketing services.
  • I love focusing on logistics because there are variety of different companies at a variety of different levels.
  • It starts with a conversation. If the content is there for your audience, people will consume it.

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