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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

Apr 29, 2022

Wine Logistics with Andrew Walleck

Andrew Walleck and Joe Lynch discuss wine logistics. Andrew is the COO of Wine Access, the leading online direct-to-consumer wine platform offering the world’s most coveted wines.

About Andrew Walleck

Andrew Walleck has 16 years of experience in Operations, Strategy, Merchandising, and eCommerce across a variety of industries. A Kellogg MBA grad, Andrew spent 8 years with McMaster-Carr, one of the country’s foremost innovators in Operations, serving seven different senior leadership roles as well as a Merchandiser for a company in one of the largest product categories. Prior to that, he was a management consultant to Corning, Inc., Eaton, and others. Andrew has his WSET Level 3 and is currently studying for his WSET Level 4 Diploma. Andrew also developed his own wine label prior to joining Wine Access.

About Wine Access

Founded in 1996, Wine Access is the leading online direct-to-consumer wine platform offering the world’s most coveted wines. As one of the earliest adopters of ecommerce and DTC offerings in the digital wine space, Wine Access curates high quality wines from every wine region around the globe, creating more accessible ways to enjoy wine that extend beyond the bottle. Wine Access’ Master of Wine, Master Sommelier, and team of industry experts taste over 20,000 wines a year, offering only those that exceed the expectations defined by their prices. Through Wine Access’ network of family-owned, legendary winemakers, and coveted marquees, customers have access to an inspiring curation of unique and often unattainable wines. To build a deeper understanding and connection to each bottle, every shipment includes original tasting notes, flavor profiles, pairing recommendations, and compelling original stories that capture the authentic personality, passion, and philosophy of the producer. Wine Access also offers a Wine Club membership that unlocks access to rare and highly coveted wine selections from every major wine-growing region around the globe four times a year. In 2021, Wine Access was named the official wine provider of the MICHELIN Guide.

Key Takeaways: Wine Logistics

  • Andrew Walleck is the COO of Wine Access, the leading online direct-to-consumer wine platform offering the world’s most coveted wines.
  • In the interview, Andrew and Joe discuss wine logistics and why it is so challenging.
  • The biggest problems in regards to wine logistics and delivery are:
    • Every state has their own laws regulating alcohol and it’s delivery.
    • Wine is an adult transaction so ensuring that the wine is received by an adult is critical.
    • The quality and flavor of wine is potentially impacted by vibration, temperature, and other environmental conditions.
    • Managing the uneven supply and demand is difficult.
    • Wine makers take great pride in their products and they see themselves more as artisans as opposed to manufacturers – so they typically won’t rush or send wine they are not proud of.
  • Since wine delivery is so challenging, Wine Access has developed an online direct-to-consumer wine platform that incorporates the best practices for temperature control, security, visibility, and delivery.
  • Wine Access makes it easy to discover and enjoy the world’s most inspiring wines through expert curation, storytelling, and perfect provenance—satisfaction guaranteed.
  • The Wine Access Teams is headquartered in Napa, California and includes a Master of Wine, a Master Sommelier, and a selective crew of industry experts who have made in-roads in every major corner of every wine region around the globe.
  • The company’s connections unlock access to the most exclusive wines, from first growth Bordeaux estates to Napa cult icons and exciting discoveries along the way.

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