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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

Feb 19, 2024

Tony Altman and Joe Lynch discuss retail non-compliance costs. Tony is the President and CEO of Motivational Fulfillment & Logistics Services, a leading omnichannel 3PL based in Southern California.

About Tony Altman

As President and CEO of Motivational Fulfillment & Logistics Services, Tony Altman brings a remarkable blend of hands-on experience, entrepreneurial vision, and a profound commitment to excellence. Altman grew up in and around the Motivational logistics business. His father, Hal Altman founded the company in 1977, when Tony was six years old. After a successful tenure running his own law firm, Altman embraced the opportunity to help lead the family business. With experience working just about every role in the warehouse, Altman served as Vice President of Operations, Chief Financial Officer, and General Counsel. Altman now guides the company with an unwavering commitment to deliver stellar service to Motivational customers and to ensure that Motivational continues to be a great place to work.

About Motivational Fulfillment & Logistics Services

Motivational Fulfillment & Logistics Services  is a leading omnichannel 3PL based in Southern California. With a legacy spanning back to 1977, the Motivational team brings invaluable expertise. Motivational partners with a variety of consumer products, from housewares & appliances to consumer electronics, to beauty, cosmetics, toy & baby, and more. With more than 2.6 million square feet of space, Motivational boasts a prime location in SoCal with easy access from the LA/LB ports. Motivational offers turnkey direct-to-consumer services, award-winning e-commerce fulfillment, and retail distribution to all of the major retailers. Beyond standard logistics, they offer a spectrum of value-added services such as custom kitting, displays, product rework & refurbishment, re-boxing, reticketing, and more. The Motivational commitment to customers is to deliver beyond logistics – they are a true partner, going the extra mile on the logistics front, so you can focus on what you do best: grow your business!

Key Takeaways: Retail Non-Compliance Costs

  • In the podcast interview, Tony and Joe discussed:
    • Retail non-compliance definition.
    • Retail non-compliance costs including financial penalties, damaged relationships, and lost business.
    • Preventing retail non-compliance costs.
  • Motivational Fulfillment & Logistics Services provides the following benefits to their customers:
  • Full-service logistics: Handles both retail distribution and direct-to-consumer fulfillment, offering a one-stop shop for your needs.
  • Extensive value-added services: From kitting and assembly to labeling and quality control, they go beyond basic storage and shipping.
  • Omnichannel expertise: Supports sales across various channels, including retail, online marketplaces, and your own website.
  • Flexible solutions: Adapts to your unique requirements, offering custom solutions that scale with your business.
  • Experienced team: Over 45 years in the industry, ensuring a knowledgeable and efficient operation.
  • Discounted shipping rates: Leverages strong relationships with carriers to offer competitive pricing.
  • Customer-focused: Prioritizes exceeding customer expectations through fast processing, accurate fulfillment, and real-time tracking.

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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast