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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

Oct 20, 2020

Launching a Successful 3PL in the Age of Tech with Nicholas Reasoner and Jeff Dangelo

Nicholas Reasoner, Jeff Dangelo, and Joe Lynch discuss launching a successful 3PL in the age of tech. Nick is the founder and CEO of a 3PL that uses technology to deliver a superior customer experience and gain a competitive advantage. Jeff is the co-founder of a technology company that developed the collaborative logistics platform used by Nick's company.

About Nicholas Reasoner, Founder & CEO of Transloop

Nicholas Reasoner is the founder and CEO of Transloop, a digital freight network revolutionizing logistics for shippers and carriers. Nick has significant experience and expertise in transportation and logistics especially truckload shipping. Nick began his career at Total Quality Logistics, the second-largest freight brokerage firm in the nation. While at TQL, Nick held various positions of increasing responsibility within sales, logistics, and operations. Nick left TQL to join FourKites, a real-time visibility platform for supply chain logistics companies. Nick earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Public Relations, from the University of Cincinnati.

About Transloop

Transloop is a digital freight network revolutionizing logistics for shippers and carriers. Transloop brings cutting-edge technology together with white-glove service to deliver unprecedented transparency, industry-leading reliability, constant innovation, and real-time collaboration with every shipment. Transloop's mission is to be a true partner for the road ahead, and their battle-tested team has experience working with companies of all sizes, from small shippers moving one load a day to Fortune 500 brands shipping thousands. Transloop has locations in Chicago, IL, and Nashville, TN.

About Jeff Dangelo, Co-Founder of Turvo

Jeff Dangelo is a Co-founder of Turvo leading the enterprise sales organization. Before founding Turvo, Jeff spent 13 years in the logistics and transportation space. Jeff was the Vice President of Sales at a third-party logistics start-up. As the first employee, he was tasked with building and growing the sales organization. He was instrumental in its growth to $150m in sales in less than 5 years.  Prior to joining the 3PL start-up, Jeff was a Senior Sales Executive at TQL, a $4 billion third-party logistics company, where he helped grow revenue from $20m to over $500m in sales. Jeff is a graduate of Miami University (Oxford, OH), with a degree in Marketing and Operations.

About Turvo

Turvo is the world’s first multi-enterprise collaborative platform specifically designed for the global supply chain. The Turvo platform connects people and organizations across the supply chain, allowing shippers, logistics providers, and carriers to digitally transform their workflows with cloud-based software and mobile applications. The technology unifies all systems, internal and external, providing one end-to-end system of record set for all operations and analytics while eliminating redundant manual tasks and automating business processes. Turvo is based in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices in Dallas, Texas, and Hyderabad, India.

Key Takeaways: Launching a Successful 3PL in the Age of Tech

  • The transportation and logistics space is becoming increasingly competitive. To survive and thrive 3PLs and brokers will need to up their game. The following problems are still common in the industry:
    • Inefficient manual processes that drive extra headcount to make follow up phone calls.
    • Outdated, legacy systems that do not enable companies to automate processes.
    • Poor customer experience - too many touchpoints, poor interface, clunky technology, no system integration.
    • No real-time visibility.
    • Poor hiring practices and bad culture leading to high employee turnover (resulting in inconsistent customer service).
    • Bad relationships with carriers.
  • Launching a successful 3PL in the age of tech requires business leaders to take a fresh new approach that should include the following:
    • A superior customer experience from beginning to end. To accomplish this transportation companies must understand customer needs.
    • A tech-centric approach that delivers easy-to-use interfaces, automated processes, real-time visibility - a system that customers will want to use.
    • A collaborative logistics platform that is built not just for the 3PL, but for the shipper, suppliers, carriers, and any other organization within the digital ecosystem.
    • Eliminating manual processes with digital automation.
    • Contract or strategic customers who want their 3PL to become an extension of their suppply chain group.
    • A culture that emphasizes ethical values and win-win relationships with both customers and carriers.
    • Hiring, training, and retaining the best people – people who believe in the company and culture.
    • A partnership with technology providers who can provide a collaborative logistics platform that will give your company a competitive edge.

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