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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

May 25, 2022

Ecommerce Delivery Providers with Nate Skiver

Nate Skiver and Joe Lynch discuss ecommerce delivery providers. Nate is he Founder of LPF Spend Management, which help parcel shippers create parcel shipping programs which reduce expense, while delivering a positive customer experience.

About Nate Skiver

Nate Skiver is a parcel transportation and ecommerce delivery expert, with 20 years of combined retail and consulting experience. He spent 13 years with global apparel brands Abercrombie & Fitch and Gap Inc., where he built and managed global parcel programs. In 2019, Nate transitioned into parcel consulting to use his experience to help retailers reduce shipping expense, while delivering a positive customer experience. He is passionate about increasing small parcel knowledge throughout the industry, authoring several articles for PARCEL Magazine, and being quoted frequently by media including The Wall Street Journal and Business Insider. Nate is a thought leader and LinkedIn influencer, providing unique perspective as the only content creator dedicated to parcel and ecommerce delivery.

About LPF Spend Management

LPF Spend Management was founded to share experience from a unique perspective within the parcel consulting space…a shipper’s perspective. LPF is not comprised of former parcel carrier personnel nor are they parcel auditors which offer consulting services. Their expertise, perspective, and insight is based upon more than a decade of frontline experience creating parcel shipping value for leading retail and ecommerce companies. They level the playing field to help ecommerce shippers compete.

Key Takeaways: Ecommerce Delivery Providers

  • Nate Skiver is the Founder of LPF Spend Management, which help parcel shippers create parcel shipping programs which reduce expense, while delivering a positive customer experience.
  • In the podcast interview, Nate and Joe discussed ecommerce delivery providers and the rapidly changing market driven by ecommerce.
  • Nate categorized the ecommerce delivery providers into 6 categories:
    1. National, integrated carriers: UPS and FedEx
    2. Postal carriers: USPS + postal workshare carriers (Pitney Bowes, DHL eCommerce, etc.)
    3. Regional carriers: LaserShip, OnTrac, LSO, UDS (many, many more)
    4. Ecommerce carriers [recent market entrants]: Covers a range of operating models, examples include Pandion, X Delivery, AirTerra, Veho, The FrontDoor Collective
    5. Same day delivery: Largely gig driver based, includes Instacart, DoorDash, Roadie, Shipt, Walmart GoLocal
    6. Amazon Logistics
  • The “LPF” in “LPF Spend Management” stands for “level playing field” and they provide the following solutions:
    • Parcel Spend Management - translate the complex details of parcel contracts, rates, and expense into meaningful, actionable information which delivers bottom line impact for ecommerce shippers.
    • Ecommerce Shipping Strategy – build a competitive edge in shipping by delivering the right solution, at the right cost.
    • Parcel Training & Development – The LPF team is passionate about increasing parcel shipping knowledge throughout the ecommerce industry, one shipper at a time.

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