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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

Jun 5, 2020

Accelerating Time to Value for 3PLs with John Golob

John Golob and Joe Lynch discuss accelerating time to value for 3PLs implementing and onboarding new accounts. 3PLs, freight forwarders, and carriers are increasingly concerned with the timely implementation of new customers. A poorly managed or late implementation can be very costly for both the LSP and the shipper. Additionally, the damage to the business relationship could last for years and cost the LSP an opportunity to win additional business from the shipper.

About John Golob

John Golob is the founder and CMO of Winmore, a San Francisco based software firm that has developed the Customer Success Platform (CSP) for Logistics Companies which helps commercial teams win more RFPs, minimize scope creep, and build customer relationships at scale. Winmore is John’s sixth start-up since graduating from USC in 1991. Previous early-stage ventures include Scopus Technology (acquired by Siebel for $500 million), Octane Software (acquired by E.piphany for $1.3 billion), Digital Impact (acquired by Axciom for $190 million) and Xobni (acquired by Yahoo for $90 million) and Good Technology (acquired by Motorola for $500 million). John earned an MBA from Harvard Business School.

About Winmore

Winmore brings years of industry expertise and a passion for redefining logistics through innovation and digitization. Winmore's business is helping logistics service providers become more successful. Winmore provides three solutions: 1.) RFP & Tender Collaboration software streamlines the bid qualification process, increases the efficiency of your bid desk, and improves overall win rates by as much as 25%. 2.) Customer Solution On-Boarding software manages the onboarding of complex customer implementations, accelerates time-to-value, minimizes scope-creep, ensures compliance, and delights customers. 3.) Business Process Design Studio is a drag-and-drop business process modeling tool for developing and publishing multi-stage, collaborative workflows that accelerate and streamline your business processes.

Key Takeaways – Accelerating Time to Value for 3PLs

The Consequences and Causes of Mismanaged and Delayed Customer Implementations

  • When logistics services providers (LSPs) are awarded a large account by a shipper, the expectation is that the implementation will run smoothly. Unfortunately, that is seldom the case, especially for larger implementations.
  • The consequences for a poorly managed implementation are: customer dissatisfaction, lost business in the event the customer doesn’t renew, extra cost for manpower to remedy the situation, lost business, lawsuits, frayed relationships, lost savings for the shipper, and lost revenue for the LSP.
  • Large LSP-shipper implementations are hard. The onboarding, integration, and communication are very difficult to manage.
  • Data sharing and hand-offs between the 3PL and shipper are problematic, especially as the project moves through the RFP process. The RFP process includes the following process steps: 1.) RFP, 2.) Response from 3PL, 3.) Evaluation, 4.) Contract, 5.) Implementation, and 6.) Continuous improvement. In each process step, there are new people involved, actions undertaken, and decisions required.

Accelerating Time to Value for 3PLs

  • To properly manage a shipper implementation and integration, 3PLs need to utilize a stable, effective process, that ideally enabled by a system.
  • Winmore has specifically developed its Customer Solution On-Boarding to help LSPs onboard new customers.
  • Winmore’s comprehensive, but easy-to-use software solves the three most critical pain points that impact customer solution delivery.
    • Process control - manages and monitors the end-to-end solution delivery process, providing feedback and alerts to identify and solve bottlenecks quickly.
    • Internal compliance - clearly communicates requirements, status, success criteria, and results to all stakeholders, helping ensure adherence to your internal processes.
    • Continuous improvement - Six Sigma black belts and continuous improvement people love Winmore’s Process Studio, Kanban boards, and stage/gates, helping them remove waste from their operations.

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