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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

Feb 18, 2022

The Parade Story with Anthony Sutardja

Anthony Sutardja and Joe Lynch discuss the Parade story. Anthony is the CEO and co-founder of Parade, the leading truckload capacity management platform for freight brokers.

About Anthony Sutardja

As CEO & co-founder of Parade, Anthony leads product vision and strategy to enable logistics service providers to work smarter and faster with modern tools. His background in artificial intelligence, big data processing, and freight brokerage enables companies partnering with Parade to accelerate digital transformation by innovating with the status quo. Prior to Parade, Anthony worked on a small team at Uber tasked with high growth projects including the automation of driver background checks. Anthony has also worked at Yelp building user signup flows at scale, and has worked at the U.S. Department of Energy building resource frameworks for the nation's supercomputers. Anthony earned both his Master of Engineering and Bachelor of Science degrees from the University of California, Berkeley in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, with a focus on human-computer interaction and database systems. Anthony resides in and is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, where he enjoys sailing and exploring California.

About Parade

Parade is the leading truckload capacity management platform for freight brokers. Top freight brokerages build dedicated digital capacity and book more loads using Parade. Parade integrates with existing tools to source capacity, match freight, and manage relationships. Brokerages using Parade reutilize carriers, streamline workflows, price competitively, and automate load-bookingings.

Key Takeaways: The Parade Story

  • Anthony Sutardja is the Co-founder and CEO of Parade, a truckload capacity management platform for freight brokers.
  • In the podcast interview, Anthony describes the founding of Parade and the opportunity that he and his co-founders saw in the truckload brokerage market.
  • Anthony Sutardja, Preet Sivia, and Tony Wu started Parade in 2015 with the mission to enable and connect the transportation industry.
  • Parade enables freight brokers to automatically find and book the best truckload carriers.
  • Parade’s capacity management augments freight broker’s TMS to move more freight at higher margins by sourcing coverage inside and outside their carrier network.
  • Parade helps broker better manage their carrier relationships
  • Parade’s platform uses AI-enriched carrier profiles to determine lane eligibility. Store notes on carrier preferences, capabilities, and engagement to improve future booking decisions. And automatically send targeted opportunities to re-engage and reuse top carriers.

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