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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

Feb 25, 2022

The Open Deck Market with Jacob Mcleod

Jacob Mcleod and Joe Lynch discuss the open deck market. Jacob is the President at EXO Freight, the first managed marketplace built for open deck shippers and carriers.

About Jacob Mcleod

Jacob Mcleod, Graduate of University of Michigan, began a logistics career at Con-way Multimodal learning the industry from the floor.  Took an opportunity with Ryder to help build their brokerage group learning different facets of freight management and supply chain optimization.   From there joined the leadership team of a small start up that became RPM Freight Systems, learned about the finished vehicle transportation world and built that company to over 200 employees globally.  Now at EXO Freight leading the team along with the founders Kurtis and Kris Tryber, creating the first open deck managed marketplace.

About EXO Freight

EXO Freight is an open deck managed marketplace for shippers and carriers.  We are committed to both providing tools for both our customers and carriers in the often overlooked and underserved flatbed market to optimize their shipping and supply chain, while at the same time focused on the execution of freight with a "get it done" mentality.

Key Takeaways: The Open Deck Market

  • Jacob McLeod is the president of EXO Freight, the first managed transportation marketplace built for open deck shippers and carriers.
  • In the podcast interview Jake provides an overview of the open deck market.
  • The open deck transportation market includes flatbeds, step-decks, double-drop and hotshots – generally any truck without roof and without sides.
  • Open deck trucks are used to transport construction materials, pipes, wood, molds, tanks, steel tanks, rods, airplane components, machinery, bricks, tractors, etc.. – oversized freight that can’t be loaded into a traditional truck.
  • Open Deck shipping accounts for over 20% of the $700B U.S. Domestic truckload transportation.
  • EXO is the first managed digital marketplace, specifically catered to the nuance and needs of open deck carriers and shippers.
  • EXO provides Shipper tools to eliminate managing their business on spreadsheets, and free carrier tools to allow frictionless booking, tracking, and instant settlement. 

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