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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

Aug 20, 2021

The Knichel Logistics Story with Kristy Knichel

Kristy Knichel and Joe Lynch discuss the Knichel Logistics story. Kristy is the CEO of Knichel Logistics that specializes in intermodal, less than truckload, cross-country, and cross-border services.

About Kristy Knichel

Kristy Knichel, a lifelong Pittsburgh native, is a second-generation logistics executive. Since taking over as president of her company, Knichel Logistics, in 2007, Kristy has been the driving force behind their yearly growth and reputation as one of the top service providers within the IMC community growing her business to 84 million. Kristy’s proudest accomplishments are winning the inaugural Distinguished Woman in Logistics Award from the Women in Trucking Association and her appointment as the Intermodal Logistics Conference Chair on the TIA Board of Directors. Today Kristy’s focus is on expanding Knichel Logistics’ footprint via strategic development and continuing to offer her team members the opportunity for growth and self-improvement. Kristy currently resides in Grove City, Pennsylvania with her husband Jason and her son Brayden. She is an avid Steelers fan and enjoys spending time with family and friends on camping trips.

About Knichel Logistics

For 18+ years, Knichel Logistics has transported goods for America’s largest corporations. Specializing in intermodal, less than truckload, cross-country, and cross-border services, we have moved more than 200,000 containers with 385,000 trucks spanning over 295 million miles over the last 5 years alone. With access to 90,000 rail containers, we work with Sam’s Club, Costco, Johnson & Johnson, Ocean Spray, Samsung, and Staples to name a few. Knichel also supports the federal government with recent logistical contracts for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES). We successfully and seamlessly navigated the complexities of transporting 300 overdimensional FEMA units for the Paradise, CA rebuild efforts. In addition to our transportation services, we also specialize in Container Pool Management, which we currently provide to companies including Michelin, Meijer, Samsung and Johnson & Johnson. Ensuring ample equipment capacity for our customers is a crucial need that Knichel Logistics provides. Knichel moves the sugar, milk, televisions, paper goods, health products, and foodstuff used by more than 300 million Americans. Our senior leadership possesses Lean Six Sigma certification and a seat on the TIA Board of Directors. $315 million revenue last five years.

Key Takeaways: The Knichel Logistics Story

  • Kristy Knichel is President and Owner of Knichel Logistics, a woman-owned, non-asset based provider of transportation and logistics services, including intermodal, trucking, and specialty equipment.
  • In the podcast interview, Kristy describes her personal entrepreneurial journey and the many challenges that she has faced and overcome.
  • As the daughter of the company founder, and a woman in a male dominated field, Kristy has been confronted with problems that ultimately helped her grow as a person and a business leader.
  • Knichel Logistics has grown steadily since Kristy took over and will likely hit $100 million in revenues in 2021.

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