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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

Jun 16, 2021

The Best Logistics Team you Have Never Heard of with Matt Scherer

Matt Scherer and Joe Lynch talk about The best logistics team you have never heard of. Matt has been helping thousands of people create, update and improve their LinkedIn profiles.


About Matt Scherer

Matt Scherer has been helping thousands of military professionals, college students, and other business executives create, update and improve their LinkedIn profiles.  He is the author of "LinkedIn For Military", now in its third edition.  He and his team are also in the final stages of producing "LinkedIn for Learners," a book with the goal of helping high school and college students to make informed choices about their studies and career goals.

About Scherer Communications

Formed in 2005, the firm focuses on media relations, content development for trade publications and social media coaching.  His team has produced work for trade publications and has handled appearances for them on national and local news.  As a retired public affairs professional, Matt Scherer, the CEO, appeared at a military spokesman for Good Morning America and the CBS Morning News.   After leaving  Lowry AFB, Colo., he was honored with "Technical Sergeant David M. Scherer in the City and County of Denver Day" for his work in community affairs in Colorado.

About Military Transition Roundtable

Their non-profit helps military professionals in transition with forming a strategic journey towards a successful transition. Military transition Roundtable's mission is to create small working groups, using the MasterMind process developed by Napolean Hill in the early part of the 20th Century.  Since forming the non-profit over 18 months ago, the organization has helped more than 25 veterans find exceptional careers and other opportunities.

Key Takeaways: The Best Logistics Team you Have Never Heard of

  • Military logistics teams are often overlooked, but they are elite when it comes to transportation, logistics, and operations in difficult environments.
  • Military logistics teams operate in VUCA environments where they need to support either front line troops or people in the midst of a humanitarian crisis.
  • The military most likely invented logistics and few civilian organizations can match their operational might, scope, and performance on big stages.
  • In the military, winning logistics is literally the difference between life and death.
  • Military logisticians are well-trained, experienced, and they have been raised in a culture that expects leadership, accountability, sacrifice, ingenuity, and teamwork. They are the culture warriors every civilian organization should be looking for.
  • Unfortunately, not all military logistics and supply chain professionals are successful in their transition to civilian life. For some the cultural divide and or communicating their worth to employers holds them back.
  • Many Employers also overlook this underutilized well spring of talent because they come from a unique background.
  • The Military Transition Roundtable is helping military veterans transition ease their journey from active duty to new career opportunities.

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