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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

Oct 31, 2022

Evan Smith and Joe Lynch discuss the Altana Story. Evan is the CEO and Co-founder of Altana, a technology company that transforms the world’s public and non-public data into an intelligent, shared model of the global supply chain.

About Evan Smith

Evan Smith is CEO and co-founder of Altana. He founded Altana in 2018, along with co-founders CTO Peter Swartz and COO Raphael Tehranian, after identifying a need for access to a trusted source of real time supply chain information. The three founded Altana while working at Panijiva, a trade data science company. Evan led enterprise solutions and strategic partnerships for Panjiva and also previously served as the CEO of IMBU Technologies, a company providing textile supply chain automation software. Evan graduated from Yale University with a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

About Altana

Altana Technologies transforms the world’s public and non-public data into an intelligent, shared model of the global supply chain. Enterprises, governments, and logistics providers connect to Altana’s Trusted Network Platform to illuminate, collaborate, and build trust across their global business networks. Through Altana, organizations across the public and private sectors are building a more resilient, secure, inclusive, and sustainable globalization.

Key Takeaways: The Altana Story

  • Evan Smith is the CEO and Co-founder of Altana, a platform for building trusted networks on a shared source of truth for the global supply chain.
  • In the podcast interview, Evan and Joe discussed Evan’s career, the founding of Altana, and why private and public sector organizations need a technology platform that will enable them to build a more resilient, secure, and sustainable globalization.
  • Altana’s visions for Globalization 2.0: a globalization defined by Trusted Networks, which span and connect nation states, businesses, and civil society in resilient, secure, sustainable, and inclusive global business networks.
  • The Altana Atlas is powered by a dynamic AI model of the supply chain, which learns from billions of data points describing businesses, facilities, supply chain flows, and ownership relationships worldwide.
  • The Altana Atlas learns from both public and non-public data that cannot be directly pooled. This creates unprecedented visibility across the supply chain that was previously impossible because of data sovereignty, privacy, and intellectual property protections.
  • The Altana Atlas integrates all internal data, external data, and analytics to create a dynamic view of a company’s multi-tier value chains and extended business network — enabling companies to make informed decisions on how the materials actually move from facility to facility across the supply chain network.

Learn More About The Altana Story 

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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast