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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

Jun 11, 2021

Spencer Tenney and the Tenny Group Story

Ryan Schreiber hosts a podcast about Spencer Tenney and the Tenney Group. Spencer is the CEO of a firm that advises business owners in the 3PL, trucking, and bus industry on mergers and acquisitions.

About Spencer Tenney

Spencer Tenney serves as President & CEO of Tenney Group, where he oversees the firm’s day-to-day effectiveness and long-term vision. Spencer is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and holds the designation of Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor through AM&AA. Prior to Tenney Group, Spencer worked as a Director at Merritt Hawkins, a healthcare recruiting firm in Dallas. He also owned a music publishing company. Spencer and his wife, Lauren, reside outside of Nashville in Franklin, Tennessee and have been married for 13 years. He has three amazing kids – 9,6, & 3. He enjoys writing country music, reading presidential biographies, and F3 (Fitness, Fellowship, Faith). He currently serves on the board of Franktown Open Hearts, a faith-based organization dedicated to equipping inner-city kids to free themselves from generational poverty.

About Tenney Group

Tenney Group are mergers and acquisitions advisors who work with business owners in the 3PL, trucking, and bus industry. These business owners are hardworking individuals or teams who have created and lead companies that are the backbone of America. Unfortunately, pitfalls unique to the transportation industry can threaten an owner’s ability to sell their business for what they deserve or even threaten their ability to sell at all. Luckily, Tenney Group has developed an industry specialized process that enables business owners to navigate these pitfalls and maximize their ability to get a deal done. Ultimately, this allows owners to impact their family, employees, and community in profound ways while also giving them peace of mind that they made the best decision. The Tenney Group’s unique expertise helps transportation business owners build and protect business value, grow through acquisitions, and optimize the sale of their businesses. The Tenney Group was established in 1973 and has completed over 200 transportation deals.

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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast