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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

Jul 21, 2020

Freight Moves on Relationships (and Trucks) with Nicole Glenn

Nicole Glenn and Joe Lynch discuss the topic, freight moves on relationships and trucks. As the founder and president of a transportation company that specializes in time-sensitive, high-touch shipments, Nicole believes that communication and good relationships drives positive business results.

About Nicole Glenn

Nicole Glenn, Owner and President of Candor Expedite, a critical expedite service provider as well as a white-glove B2B company. Prior to opening and operating Candor, Nicole worked hand in hand with company owners to develop their companies and grow their customer following and elevate their sales and operations teams. From building asset-based fleets to successful brokerages that specialized in expedite and standard truckload Nicole would also focus her efforts on her teams to enhance and lift the individuals that help move the companies forward. Nicole obtained a degree in Business Management and Marketing from Northwood University.

About Candor Expedite

Candor is a woman-owned and operated hotshot ground and white-glove service provider with offices in Illinois and Texas. Candor specializes in hotshot ground, time-sensitive, and white glove delivery services. Because Candor manages so many high-touch, time-sensitive shipments, they have developed a culture of customer service, precision, special handling, and open communication – after all, Candor is the company name. Because shipment and truck visibility is so important on critical shipments, Candor utilizes Trucker Tools to track shipments and provide real-time updates. While no two clients or urgent shipments are the same, Candor has significant experience with customers in manufacturing, trade shows, hotels and hospitality, air-freight, and facility services.

Key Takeaways: Freight Moves on Relationships (and Trucks)

Shippers who do not have good relationships with their 3PLs and carriers often suffer with the following problems.

  • Poor service including, but not limited to late shipments, damage, billing problems, paying too much for transportation (measurable stuff)
  • Bad communication, poor attitudes, lack of respect, lack of visibility, lack of transparency, lack of integrity, (stuff that is not measurable)

Some typical advantages that shipper realize when they have good relationships with their 3PLs and carriers.

  • Superior service
  • Good communication
  • Freebies (expedites or cost reductions when there is a problem)
  • Account familiarity
  • A partner (carrier or 3PL) that invests in the relationship. The investment may take many forms including, visits, quarterly business reviews, improvement initiatives, specialized technology or assigning an account manager.
  • The Speed of Trust

To foster solid business relationships with 3PLs and carriers, shippers should do the following:

  • Have regularly scheduled meetings where you review performance, problems, continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Invite senior management to the kick-off meetings to set the tone and show their support. Ideally, the meeting can be aligned with the senior manager's objectives.
  • Informal phone calls outside
  • Have fun events like happy hours, barbeques, parties, dinners, where casual conversations can flourish.

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