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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

Sep 10, 2019

[00:33] Please introduce you and your company. 

  • My name is John Simpson. I’m the director of sales at Covideo.
  • We’re an email, texting, video platform for salespeople. The company is based in Indianapolis.

[01:14] Tell us a little bit about yourself.

  • I’m from Holland, Michigan and went to Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, studying political science.
  • After graduating, I worked at a deli for a while. Then, I decided to go to grad school but dropped out.
  • I drove to Chicago, lived on my friend’s couch for about a month, and then found a job with a logistics company. I didn’t know what logistics was at first, but I stayed there for ten years before joining Covideo.

[03:24] When and why did you join Covideo?

  • I joined in January 2017.
  • I miss logistics, but a good friend of mine started Covideo and he needed somebody to help with the sales team.

[04:37] In this business, good leads are hard to come by.

  • Leads aren’t worth anything until you get the opportunity to talk to somebody. That’s when they become precious.
  • The most important thing in sales is that people buy from people they like.
  • It’s difficult to stand out, and you don’t want to just stand out, you want favorable attention.

[11:22] How does Covideo go about converting more leads into loads?

  • Covideo was built for salespeople, not for the marketing department, CEO, etc.
  • We send personality through email.
  • The logistics provider can call a company and leave a voicemail saying that they will send a video of themselves via email.
  • It helps you stand out from the crowd.

[14:03] Is there a problem making a video by myself on my phone?

  • You’ll run into file size issues or end up in the spam folder.
  • Our videos can also appear as an overlay on your website, guiding viewers to the next steps.
  • You get to see analytics on all of this.

[17:48] How long are these videos usually?

  • Normally fifteen to forty-five seconds.
  • The average person only reads the first sentence or two of an email, so we must follow the same rules and keep the video short.

[18:06] How are these videos working for people in logistics?

  • I heard from a sales rep that kept being ignored by a woman he was calling. Once he sent her a video, she let him quote three lanes that day.

[19:24] We all need to up our game when it comes to sales, and part of it is using this kind of technology.

  • For customers who are shipping one to ten loads per week, those are still great customers that you want. However, even they are getting pounded with phone calls.
  • Covideo is a cost-effective way to show people you can be trusted.
  • When you say something out loud and provide visuals, your message is getting across the way you intended.

[23:48] Tell us a little bit more about Covideo. What are the next steps if somebody is interested?

  • Visit out website or give us a call. We’ll talk with you and see if we’re a good fit.
  • It takes time to get comfortable using videos, and it has to be part of your routine.
  • Relationships are built over the phone, but introductions are made on video.

[25:30] Is this hard to implement and expensive, or is it for everybody?

  • If I can use it, anybody can use it.
  • We’ve got customized packages for whatever your needs are.


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