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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast

Dec 29, 2022

Dawn Salvucci-Favier and Joe Lynch discuss creating faster, better freight quotes. Dawn's company, develops dynamic pricing which enables transportation and logistics companies to deliver faster, better freight quotes.

About Dawn Salvucci-Favier

Dawn Salvucci-Favier is Chief Product Officer & Co-CEO at

Dec 27, 2022

Ayala Rudoy and Joe Lynch discuss why your shipment is late. Ayala is the Global Vice President and GM of Logistics and Transportation Business Unit at, the world's only Weather and Climate Security Platform.

About Ayala Rudoy

Ayala Rudoy is the VP & GM of the Logistics & Transportation Enterprise Business...

Dec 23, 2022

Chris Fish and Joe Lynch discuss bulk food transport. Chris is the Senior Vice President of Dedicated Contract Transportation by Ruan Transportation which provides Dedicated Contract Transportation, Managed Transportation, and Value-added Warehousing.

About Chris Fish

Chris Fish was appointed Senior Vice President of...

Dec 22, 2022

Carl Wasinger and Joe Lynch discuss the Smart Warehousing story. Carl is the CEO and Founder at Smart Warehousing, a warehousing and fulfillment company that operates as a direct extension of its clients’ teams.

About Carl Wasinger

Carl Wasinger is the Founder and CEO of Smart Warehousing, a warehousing and...

Dec 21, 2022

Jake Medwell and Joe Lynch discuss the 8VC story. Jake is a Founding Partner at 8VC, an early-stage venture capital firm headquartered in Austin, TX with offices in San Francisco, New York City, and Boston.

About Jake Medwell

Jake is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist who has spent his life building and...